The Benefits of Using an Online Personal Trainer in the UK

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Are you a couch potato looking to lose a few pounds? Or do you dedicate every waking hour in the pursuit of perfect health and an Adonis like physique, worthy of the gods themselves?

Whatever your goal, if you’re trying to improve your health and fitness, at some point you’ve probably been confused about what is the best approach for you to take.

“Should I be doing 8 or 12 reps to build muscle?”

“Is high intensity training or long 5k runs better to lose weight?”

To fix this most people look to find information online or hire a personal trainer at the gym. Recently more people are choosing to hire an online personal trainer because it offers some great benefits that suits their lifestyle and needs. Also with the current health risks posed by Coronavirus many people are keen to avoid public places like gyms.

Here are some of the many great benefits of using an Online Personal Trainer:-


For beginners and people who are not so outgoing, a gym or face to face personal training session can be an intimidating experience. Lots of people say they feel really anxious when they go to the gym especially in group classes. They feel unsure about where they should go and what they should be doing. They also worry that other people are staring at them, judging them on how they look or on what they are doing.

Using an online personal trainer is great because you can workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home or a private space. For some people exercising at home helps them feel less worried, more relaxed and much more comfortable when working out. When you are not stressed out or worried, and are actually enjoying your workouts, it will be a much more fun and positive experience. This means you’ll be much more likely to stick to your training program and achieve your goals.


“I’m too busy, I don’t have time today”.

The way most of us are living these days, this is so true. We really are so busy. Getting to the gym and back again, through bad traffic, on a cold rainy night, after a long day at work, is the last thing any of us really want to do. Unless you live in the gym you’re looking at 2-3hrs to travel, workout, shower, get changed and get back home again. And if you’re not showering I have one word for you. EWW!

Using an online personal trainer you can cut everything but the training out, saving you tons of time each week. 

You’ll also have even more options on where you can train. If you travel regularly for work or pleasure, your online personal trainer can come with you too. That’s without having to stuff them in your suitcase, which some trainers are not always pleased about. This means you can workout at any time or place making it a really convenient way to train.

Comprehensive Fitness Resources

As well as receiving coaching from your online personal trainer you’ll also have access to a detailed training guide tailored specifically to your fitness goals. It will include everything you need such as workout plans, exercise instructions and often video guides to help you maximise the effectiveness of your training in between sessions. Many clients also benefit from recording their online sessions so they can refer back to them and remind themselves the details of the techniques they learned.


Another great benefit is that you can avoid the expense of a monthly gym membership if you choose to do your online sessions at home saving you extra money. And because trainers are not having to pay for the cost of gym space it means the per session fees can be lower compared to 121 personal training.  This can help make it more affordable for people who find that regular personal training costs are more than they would like to spend. 

No Excuses

For some people’s lifestyle getting to the gym regularly just doesn’t happen for them. Finding the time to workout and getting to the gym as often as needed can really be a challenge for lots of us, even the most well intentioned.  It’s great news that using an online personal trainer can help overcome lots of these barriers and problems.

If we want to enjoy all the benefits of living a healthy and fit lifestyle, we have to make tough choices to do some things and sacrifice others. Being creative in how and even where we train can save us from having to sacrifice so many of the things we need or love to do.

With all the training options available to us, it really does mean there is no reason we can’t find a way to live the healthy and fit lifestyle that we want.  Lot’s of clients have said that having the added freedom and support has given them that extra advantage to succeed where they’ve failed in the past.

For any questions about training online, in Kilburn, in Westminster, or about personal training, martial arts, life-coaching, or nutrition services, or about my range of nutritional supplements, do not hesitate to contact me on 07818555737, email: ondrej@omnutritionist.co.uk


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