Skin conditions, PMS & Allergies

A good diet will take care of your skin, PMS, and allergies

There are three organs which help our body to get rid of toxins and harmful particles: the liver, kidneys and the skin – yes, the skin is actually an organ. Simply said, what we put into our body either through food, drink or breathing air, will determine the quality of our skin.

We can also consider what we apply on our skin as it will get absorbed, which includes creams, shower gels, shampoos etc..

Another aspect of beautiful skin is our bowel health: it’s best if our body is able to release toxins through the digestive tract and not to store them and release them in other ways such as through sweat. OMnutritionist can help you to find the ideal foods and skin products which will enhance and beautify your skin from the inside out.

If you are outside London, you can work with me to change your lifestyle online via Skype or telephone. If you’re in north London, see my Kilburn page, or in central London, the Westminster page.

PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome)

Many women suffer from a painful menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalances which can make them feel very uncomfortable. Some can not imagine their period without painkillers.

PMS can be harmonised by correct nutrition, exercise and by balancing hormonal processes within the body.

There are three basic minerals which are being lost due to the menstrual cycle: magnesium, manganese and iron. By finding bio-absorbable sources of these minerals and implementing them into the diet, many women reported improvement in their menstrual cycle and many don’t have to take painkillers anymore and can be more in balance with their feminine side.

We can not forget about the psychological aspect of this process; many women are not feeling in touch with themselves and are rejecting and not accepting the natural processes in their body. There are many ways to address this, and OMnutritionist can help with finding the optimal nutrition and finding the balance within the mental and psychological processes to improve your womanly well being.


Allergies are an intolerance or a reaction to certain environmental factors such as foods, drinks, pollen, animals, flowers etc..

By finding out what you are allergic to, when you became allergic, and what your diet is like, we can eliminate foods or sources of your allergy.

Of course you can get medication which will temporarily help with the effects of your allergy, however, it is a short term fix rather than a long term investment in your health. So you will be reaching for your medication every time you experience the symptoms, which can eventually cause more harm than good, as most medicines are chemically based. It’s better to slowly but surely move away from medication and the symptoms of your allergy until you don’t need any medication and you experience none or very very mild effects of your allergy.

Did you know that many skin conditions, allergies, and PMS share a common root cause? – The widespread lack of essential minerals in the modern diet – even if we eat “healthily” – is to blame here. Learn how to eat to beat these conditions.

OMnutritionist can help you to understand what an allergy is, how to deal with it, and how to find foods which will support and help you to lower and gradually get rid of effects of your allergy.

Healthy Skin & PMS Case Study: Asya

AsyaFor five years I had severe acne around my hair line, chin and temples. Nothing cleared it and for a long time I believed that I had an allergy to a certain ingrediant in my beauty products. My acne was a great source of embarrassment.

I decided to sign up to OMnutritionist’s 12 week programme as I was very reluctant to take the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed as a last resort. Three days into the programme, no new acne developed, and now 2 months in, my skin has been incredible. Not only has my complexion cleared but the overall quality and colour of my complexion has made people remark on it. I’m very, very happy with the results and I can’t believe that the programme works by adding food to my diet, meaning I can still eat what I have always eaten.

OMnutritionist helped me to understand that my acne was down to missing essential minerals in my diet that affected the hormones in my monthly cycle. My acne has cleared and so too has my PMS! I am eternally grateful to OMnutritionist as it has solved an issue that I deemed unsolvable, and also given me the confidence and energy that I have always wanted.

What my clients say:


“My whole body feels healthier and reinvigorated”

I started Ondrej's 8 weeks Nutritional programme and the results I've had are nothing short of amazing! I arrived in a very stressed state suffering among other things an undiagnosed candida infection and several other digestive ailments. I was constantly bloated and in pain, I felt sluggish, lethargic and depressed. My skin was dry and I had a permanent headache and dark shadows around my eyes. I had seen several doctors and no one seemed to understand what my problem was. They just gave a number of pills and antibiotics to take in which were only making my overall condition worse. Little I knew back then about the role that diet plays in our overall sense of well being. I learned about Ondrej's programmes and I decided to give it a try.

I found in Ondrej all the answers I was looking for and he was able to understand immediately not only my physical challenges but also my emotional stress. I started his nutritional programme and after only one week I was thrilled to find out that my headaches and fatigue had gone away. I felt as though I was finally on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. And I was!

Now after 4 weeks of completing the programme my whole body feels healthier and reinvigorated, I am not longer bloated or tired, my candida is completely healed and I feel full of energy all the time. My quality of life has improved beyond words and my sense of wellbeing has benefited enormously. Thanks to Ondrej's programme, life has become enjoyable once more.

I found Ondrej to be exceptionally helpful and supportive. He was extremely professional, yet highly approachable, positive and knowledgeable. The nutritional programme he created for me was simple, dynamic and fun. It was so easy to follow it and I feel so good that I want to stay with it forever! I would definitely recommend him to you whether you're after mental, physical, nutritional or emotional guidance.

Pilar 29 years old, Customer Care Agent, North-West London Personal Training June 6, 2016

“Amazed at how good I feel”

I am a yoga and dance teacher, as well as a busy single parent, and when I came to Ondrej I was concerned that my diet wasn't in line with my practice, as well as the fact that I had a mammoth appetite and often turned to sugar or carbs to load up and caffeine to perk me up throughout the day. I knew I wanted to change, but didn't know where to start!

From the moment I met Ondrej, I was struck by his warm, open manner, as well as his passion for and knowledge about nutrition. He was able to explain concepts I'd previously found too technical or scientific in an easy-to-understand and non-intimidating manner, so that I could make sense of my symptoms and get clear about what I wanted to do. He has an amazing way of being both direct and compassionate, so that I felt understood and supported, rather than pushed into anything that wasn't right for me. Throughout the process of my diet change, he has been there for me - generously giving of his time and knowledge to answer concerns and keep encouraging me on. Now several months on, I am amazed at the way my diet has so radically changed and at how good I feel. I have made diet changes I never would have believed possible a year ago, with the result that I am leaner, have more consistent energy and consistently get complimented on my skin tone and shining eyes!

Beverley Drumm Yoga & Dance teacher, London N8 Personal Training June 4, 2016

“Incredible change to my body shape”

I have had 9 sessions of training with Ondrej over 5 weeks and have already experienced an incredible change to my body shape, energy levels, overall strength, mood and focus in everything I do.
The superfood blend has put an end to cravings and I am really enjoying the quality food I eat so much more.

As I have always kept fairly fit and have been forced to take care of my nutrition through years of chronic fatigue, I was sceptical about the need for a personal trainer but could not recommend Ondrej enough.

When people around start noticing a positive change in your skin radiance, your body shape and your whole mood and aura - you know you're onto a good thing!!

Rachel Black 45 years old, Voice coach, musician, Hampstead N6 Personal Training June 4, 2016