Personal Running Training in Central London

Looking for a personal running trainer in London? As a personal trainer, I have extensive experience in coaching people in how to run better.
We can meet up in a park in London by arrangement, for example Regents Park near our Westminster studio. I live near Hampstead Heath, so we can also run in north London.

Running is a great way to relax your mind, exercise your body, lose weight and tone up, release toxins through sweat and help your digestion with peristaltic movement. It can even improve your mood through endorphin release!

When it comes to running, the human body has been designed to be able to run short and long distances, so in theory we should all be good runners. But in this day and age we use cars for transportation, public transport, and we sit in the office all day, which weakens our lower backs and can trigger many problems. We’re just not moving around as we have been designed to.

Why try a personal running coach?

Getting back into running is a great way to get back your health, flexibility and happiness. Running alone can be very good but when you are with someone who can motivate and push you forward the experience is always better and you get much further than you normally would on your own.

Running tips

Here are a few key tips you should consider:

  • Find suitable shoes which will suit your location and requirements
  • Stretching before and after (which many of us forget) is essential for progression and to prevent injury
  • Breathing technique – to run longer and faster you need to know how to breath correctly
  • Nutrition is another essential part of your progress
  • Appropriate clothing – did you know that by wearing appropriate clothes you can lose more weight?
  • Drink the right amount of water
  • Learn running techniques to prevent injury and develop faster

You can gain all this knowledge by signing up with OMnutritionist. So don’t try alone if you can get someone who can motivate and guide you.
Whether you are preparing for a half marathon or Ironman, or just want to get moving, I’ll be happy to help – just contact me.

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