Personal Trainer Kilburn & Hampstead: 1:1 Sessions with Ondrej

Personal trainer in Hampstead and Kilburn
Personal Trainer Kilburn & Hampstead

If you want to train privately, you can come to my studio in Kilburn, north London. It’s fully equipped to fulfil all your goals. (For those who are closer to central London, check out my Westminster personal training studio.) If you are looking for personal trainer in Kilburn or Hampstead Ondrej is here to help.

How to find me

The address is:
Ondrej: Personal Trainer Kilburn & Hampstead
107 Riffel Road
Phone: 07818 555737

I can also travel to train with you at your home or a park in the area marked on the map below:

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You can take advantage of the following kinds of training:

Sessions here are one-to-one, and you will not be disturbed by other people like in conventional gyms. There’s no waiting for equipment, and you can even choose the music. Personal trainer Kilburn & Hampstead is here to help.
There is also an outside area available and a park nearby for outdoor cardio training. Shower facilities are available too.

If you live in Kilburn, West Hampstead, Hampstead, St. John’s Wood, Swiss Cottage, or the nearby areas of north London such as Willesden, Queen’s Park, or Dollis Hill, this is a natural choice.

Contact me to find out how I can help you.

What my personal training clients say:

Elisa Nardin

I never get bored and I enjoy chatting with him while working out

I've been training with Ondrej for more than a month now and I have noticed that my approach to exercising has changed: each time I ...

Elisa Nardin Personal Training July 14, 2019

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Omnutritionist has trained many people who either live or work in and around Westminster or Central London. From public figures such as Politicians Tv presenters Actors and Athletes to commuters who work in the area just like you. I’ve helped my clients achieve and maintain their goals through my special training and nutrition plans tailored to individual needs. If you want to train in central London, check out our expert trainers! If you want to hire Personal trainer Westminster we have some great packages for you.

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Training outside in Hampstead Heath

Outdoor Personal Training in Kilburn & Hampstead

Training outside is a great way to break up the training sessions. As long as the weather allows, it’s certainly more fun to get out into the fresh air sometimes and not just stay indoors. Outdoor training can involve running, calisthenics (bodyweight exercises), stretching, martial arts, and much more. If the terrain is uneven, this can be very effective in developing the stabilising muscles, which help to prevent injury.

Personal training sessions outdoors in Hampstead Heath are ideal for variety. As you saw in the video, we can not only run over the springy ground (reducing the shock in the joints that some people feel from running on pavements), but also incorporate exercises on natural features, like pullups on tree branches. Not just a novelty, these are actually much harder than pullups from bars, because they challenge your grip a lot more!

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath – a very pretty venue for personal training. Personal trainer Kilburn & HampsteadIn the Hampstead area there’s also Golders Hill Park to train in, and a bunch of smaller green spaces.

You can train with me in my studio near Kilburn & Hampstead. My own training studio is very popular for clients in north London.

About personal training in Kilburn and Hampstead with me

When you train with me you have the advantage of being able to combine fitness training, nutrition, martial arts and life coaching. This flexibility can help us to tailor your experience to be exactly what you need it to be to achieve your goals.

Many of my clients want to lose weight, tone us or build sustainable muscle mass. The testimonials of satisfied customers show, that by doing the right kind of training routine as well as eating properly, any result or goal can be achieved. The same could be said for gaining weight, although the exercise programme will be different. But essentially the body has to be healthy in order to loose fat or gain muscle.

There are several consequences of getting fit and stronger. One of them is improved confidence and mood. Your body will start producing different amounts of hormones, and you will really feel the difference! Increased energy and stamina come after you have pushed yourself in the sessions for some time, and can be very useful in all areas of life.

Being a qualified nutritionist, I can go deep into that area if that’s what you need, and we can create a personalised nutrition plan for you. This is especially useful if you want to get rid of any of the common problems that diet can help with, such as skin problems, or hormone-related issues.

Many of my personal training and nutrition clients in Kilburn and Hampstead  are vegan or vegetarian, and may have internalised some unhelpful attitudes about their own possibilities from themselves or others. I work with them to achieve just the same great results as with my omnivorous clients. I even work with raw foodists – I was one myself and understand this way of life better than perhaps many trainers do.

Should you use Supplements?

As part of the strength-building, fat loss, or nutritional programmes you can also avail yourself of my special range of superfood supplements. Now available online and in some London shops, OMNI Superfood has been specially formulated based on my work with clients over the years. We saw what really helped and what made the difference. And exactly this combination is what I use myself.

I want to show that an organic, raw, or plant-based lifestyle need be no impediment to health and strength! You do not need to take artificial chemicals to get fit.

When we meet, we will talk about your goals and where you are now. We’ll set some targets and themes for your progression. We’ll decide the right mix of disciplines for you, and your progress will begin! So if you are looking for personal trainer in Kilburn, Hampstead or surrounding areas do not hesitate to contact me.

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