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Vegan nutrition challenges

Going fully animal-product free isn’t easy, whatever our reasons are ethical, (animal treatment), environmental, nutritional or health related. Whether we are vegan or raw vegan, we need to make sure that our diet has sufficient amount of nutrients to support our health and wellbeing. Vegan Nutritionist London is here to help. If you’re in London, you can book a nutrition consultation with me about any aspect of your nutrition needs at my locations in Kilburn or Westminster. I also do Skype consulting for those outside London.

How can a vegan nutritionist help?

I have tried vegan and many other diets, and can relate to the challenges that they pose. We need to make sure that the diet we eat has enough amino acids, which our body breaks down from proteins, and builds up again into other proteins for not just muscles but growth and repair of all organs in the body. Some of the best sources of bio-absorbable proteins are plant proteins such as hemp, pea, and rice.

These are good protein sources, and much better than animal-based ones as the body can absorb them in larger amounts and they take much less energy for digestion compared to animal protein. If you are a “normal” vegan, not raw vegan, it’s also essential to make sure that your body gets enough vitamins and minerals. Due to cooking, they get lowered significantly in food.

And even if you are raw vegan, unless you buy your groceries directly from organic farmers, your food doesn’t have as much nutrition as it could do, due to the overuse of the soil the food is grown in. In my personal opinion, superfoods are an outstanding way to supply your body with all it needs. When it comes to vegan fitness and bodybuilding you have some great options of plant proteins, sprouts, nuts and other foods which can help you to fulfil your fitness goals. Vegan Nutritionist London is here to help.

Work with a nutritionist who understands the vegan diet. – Whether we are vegan or raw vegan, we need to make sure that our diet has enough nutrition to support our health and wellbeing.

I’ve helped many vegans and vegetarians to tweak their diets and to find a balance of knowledge in such a saturated sea of information. Book a Nutrition session now, or contact me to get started.

What my vegan nutrition clients say:

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“The best personal trainer I’ve ever had”

The best personal trainer I've ever had. Has helped me changed my eating habits and has pushed me with every workout. I'm hoping to do loads more sessions this year... with his help i should be in amazing shape for the summer!! And all of this as a vegan ☺ my friends are already shocked!

A. Sri Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“Excellent PT, very knowledgable”

As a Vegan, Ondrej was really one of the only specialist PT's in Hampstead and Kilburn. The training was fun, but tough, I really enjoy our sessions. He also often gives me nutritional information for my diet too. Excellent PT, very knowledgable, would recommend to everyone.

Dan James Personal Training June 6, 2016

hedi hearts

“Really knows his stuff”

Ondrej is wonderful. I started training with him last year and haven't looked back since. He developed me fully vegan meal plan which didn't consist only of salad and falafels! Varied food with loads of tips how to make the most out of my vegan diet while building muscles. He is friendly, very knowledgable and really knows his stuff.

Hedi Hearts Personal Training June 6, 2016