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Vegetarian nutritionist London
If you are a vegetarian, you might find it difficult to gain muscle mass and tone up, or you might feel low on energy. You might not have enough information about what to eat and how to exercise to achieve your optimum body shape and balance. OMnutritionist offers expert nutrition plans, fitness training, or a combination of both programmes in one for optimal results. If you’re in north London, just contact me to arrange a consultation at my locations in Kilburn or Westminster. Or you can have Skype consultations from any location.

(Are you vegan, raw foodist, or omnivorous? I can also cater to your dietary needs.)

How can a vegetarian nutritionist help?

As I have tried vegetarian and many other diets, I’m able to relate to all the challenges you might be experiencing. Being vegetarian can be a healthy choice. I personally don’t believe that one has to eat meat to be healthy and strong. With the help of a qualified nutritionist, you can make make small changes that will have big effects. By gently tweaking your nutrition, introducing foods which have higher vitamin, mineral and protein value than what you normally get from foods in conventional shops, you will be able to start feeling amazing. To sort out any hidden nutritional deficiencies and get back on top of your life.

These days there are many many different and much stronger and absorbable sources of nutrition than meat. Whether vegetarianism is an ethical choice or eating animal products doesn’t make you feel good, you don’t have to listen to nutrition advice from people who say things like “You will get sick or even die if you don’t eat this or that”.

This is a normal struggle to go through when starting these diets.

Sooner or later the same friends who didn’t support your choice will start asking you how come you look so good, what are you eating it looks delicious… how do I prepare what you have?

After optimising your nutrition you will be ready to go back to the gym and start training for your ideal body shape. If you think about it, some of the biggest and strongest mammals on this planet are vegetarians.

What does it mean to be a vegetarian?

You don’t eat any meat, fish or eggs, but you can eat anything else whether it is raw or cooked.

Things to watch out for: Finding great sources of absorbable protein, having enough green leafy vegetables in your diet, finding ideally plant-based sources of B12.

If you want to optimise your exercise at the same time, and need a vegetarian or vegan personal trainer in London, just contact me.

What my plant-based nutrition clients say:

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“The best personal trainer I’ve ever had”

The best personal trainer I've ever had. Has helped me changed my eating habits and has pushed me with every workout. I'm hoping to do loads more sessions this year... with his help i should be in amazing shape for the summer!! And all of this as a vegan ☺ my friends are already shocked!

A. Sri Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“Excellent PT, very knowledgable”

As a Vegan, Ondrej was really one of the only specialist PT's in Hampstead and Kilburn. The training was fun, but tough, I really enjoy our sessions. He also often gives me nutritional information for my diet too. Excellent PT, very knowledgable, would recommend to everyone.

Dan James Personal Training June 6, 2016

hedi hearts

“Really knows his stuff”

Ondrej is wonderful. I started training with him last year and haven't looked back since. He developed me fully vegan meal plan which didn't consist only of salad and falafels! Varied food with loads of tips how to make the most out of my vegan diet while building muscles. He is friendly, very knowledgable and really knows his stuff.

Hedi Hearts Personal Training June 6, 2016