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Private self defence classes London with Ondrej in Willesden Green studio, or online via Skype or phone. Ondrej has been practicing martial arts over 13 years and has attained a second dan black belt. You will learn practical self-defence techniques including knife defence. I also include mind set coaching, dealing with fear and strategy amongst many other subjects that are in the teaching curriculum that you will learn from.  My private self defence classes in London are tailored to individual’s needs and the client. Age and fitness level is also taken in consideration. Wether you are a women or a man you will bet able to learn how to defend yourself in unpleasant situations and avoid danger.

Private Self Defence classes in London

“The more you know about self defence the safer you will be in daily life”

We offer one hour sessions 1-1 tuition, multi session packages as well as Online tuition.
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You can also inquire about group classes, corporate and school tuition.

For more information, see the  London Self Defence Academy. You can also view my approach on youtube:

Self defence is not just about defending yourself but also about preventing peace, helping others and up to certain extend preserving your attacker. No one wants to live knowing that they terminally damaged someone. The more you know and the more you train the better you will become at avoiding harmful situations and practicing techniques. Ondrej’s private self defence classes London are for beginners but also intermediate and advanced. If you already have experience in martial arts we will use your skills and combine them with what I teach. If you are a beginner who wants to learn self defence in London you can rest assured that in few weeks you will know what to do and how to defend yourself and your loved ones. We will take small steps towards big victories. Join Ondrej’s Private self defence classes London today.