Vegan Personal Trainer London

Are you looking for a Vegan personal trainer in London? I have experience in helping vegans and vegetarians achieve their fitness and health goals. Many vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodists have given up on conventional personal trainers, finding a lack of understanding of their specific needs. Because I’ve tried all these ways of eating, I do understand the challenges of being vegan or vegetarian. I personally don’t believe that one has to eat meat to be healthy and strong.

What to Do?

One challenge is getting the right information about what to eat and what not to eat in order to tone up and gain muscle, and to keep your energy levels high. It’s important to make sure you’re eating foods that have higher than normal levels of minerals, vitamins, and protein. Including these foods will have a noticeable impact on your energy levels and will sort out any hidden nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. Another challenge is the “advice” or lack of support from others – be they friends, family, or professionals like doctors, or personal trainers. Rest assured, when those around you see the changes in your body from our personal training sessions and from following the right vegan, vegetarian, or raw food eating plan, they will have no room to argue! If you are based in north London, just contact me to ask about personal training and nutrition in Kilburn. If you live or work centrally, we can also meet in Westminster. Or we can work together online.

What my vegan personal training clients say:

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“The best personal trainer I’ve ever had”

The best personal trainer I've ever had. Has helped me changed my eating habits and has pushed me with every workout. I'm hoping to do loads more sessions this year... with his help i should be in amazing shape for the summer!! And all of this as a vegan ☺ my friends are already shocked!

A. Sri Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“Excellent PT, very knowledgable”

As a Vegan, Ondrej was really one of the only specialist PT's in Hampstead and Kilburn. The training was fun, but tough, I really enjoy our sessions. He also often gives me nutritional information for my diet too. Excellent PT, very knowledgable, would recommend to everyone.

Dan James Personal Training June 6, 2016


“Great for vegans looking for personal training”

Excellent, friendly service and great motivation :) A clean and welcoming environment with good training facilities, and I really enjoy using Ondrej's Omni Superfood after my workout. Great for vegans looking for personal training solutions in London.

Palvinder Mann Personal Training June 6, 2016