Indigestion and Candida treatment

Nutritional treatment for candida and indigestion

Indigestion is so much a part of modern life that we sometimes take it for granted. Indigestion doesn’t come out of nowhere, though. It is usually connected to stress, digestive tract issues, or low stomach acids. Your stomach sends large amounts of information to your brain so as soon something is wrong within the digestive tract, your brain makes you feel it – which cause more stress, tiredness and imbalance.

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer with digestive problems any more.

How Omnutritionist can help you?

Omnutritionist can help you to understand how to deal with stress, and how to ingest food in a way which will not make you bloated and will not encourage indigestion.

You don’t have to live with these digestive conditions, or take harsh medicines. – With the right knowledge of how the digestive system works, we can design a nutrition plan for you that will help you beat indigestion, candida, and other issues.

If you are outside London, we can work together to improve your digestion online via Skype or telephone. If you’re in north London, see my Kilburn and Westminster pages.


Candida is a fungus which is contained in our bowels. This fungus feeds on sugar, which can make you feel like you are addicted to sugar: you can feel that you need it to survive. There are even studies which showed that candida can go as far as brain tissues to control appetite. When it is overly multiplied it takes over the balance in our digestive tract and decreases the PH there.

Candida requires sugar to survive, and the excretions of this fungus are highly acidic. If it multiplies and multiplies, a candida infection can lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which can lead to bowel cancer.

Candida is a treatable condition by tweaking one’s nutrition and introducing exercise and foods that help to control and to eliminate this infection.

Generally said, by eliminating sugars and increasing the PH in the body, Candida levels usually return to normal.

I have treated many clients who have beat Candida.

If you suffer from this condition and want to feel better Omnutritionist is here to help you.


29 years old, Customer Care Agent, North-West London

I started Ondrej’s 8 weeks Nutritional programme and the results I’ve had are nothing short of amazing! I arrived in a very stressed state suffering among other things an undiagnosed candida infection and several other digestive ailments. I was constantly bloated and in pain, I felt sluggish, lethargic and depressed. My skin was dry and I had a permanent headache and dark shadows around my eyes. I had seen several doctors and no one seemed to understand what my problem was. They just gave a number of pills and antibiotics to take in which were only making my overall condition worse. Little I knew back then about the role that diet plays in our overall sense of well being. I learned about Ondrej’s programmes and I decided to give it a try.

I found in Ondrej all the answers I was looking for and he was able to understand immediately not only my physical challenges but also my emotional stress. I started his nutritional programme and after only one week I was thrilled to find out that my headaches and fatigue had gone away. I felt as though I was finally on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. And I was!

Now after 4 weeks of completing the programme my whole body feels healthier and reinvigorated, I am not longer bloated or tired, my candida is completely healed and I feel full of energy all the time. My quality of life has improved beyond words and my sense of wellbeing has benefited enormously. Thanks to Ondrej’s programme, life has become enjoyable once more.

I found Ondrej to be exceptionally helpful and supportive. He was extremely professional, yet highly approachable, positive and knowledgeable. The nutritional programme he created for me was simple, dynamic and fun. It was so easy to follow it and I feel so good that I want to stay with it forever! I would definitely recommend him to you whether you’re after mental, physical, nutritional or emotional guidance.