OMNI Holidays

What is the perfect holiday? An OMNI Holiday retreat not only relaxes you, but also challenges you; you come back with a tan, recharged – and also fitter, stronger, and healthier.
Does this sound like what you want?

  • Relaxing in the exotic surroundings of Thailand
  • Working out in an exclusive, small group with me
  • Doing yoga in the fresh air
  • Eating delicious, energy-building food

We will have some weekend retreats in the UK through 2016. And we’re planning a big Thailand retreat for 2018.
Pop your email below and I’ll keep you updated on progress.

Mmmm… Food

As a nutritionist, I know how important great-tasting, healthy food is for a proper holiday. To fuel us for the training we’ll be doing, and also for pleasure!
We can cater for vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists, and omnivores. There will also be a Detox plan of green juices and OMNI Superfood smoothies.


Of course there will be group personal training sessions, as well as the time to ask me about anything you need to progress from where you are. Depending on the course, we’ll include activities such as yoga, surfing, swimming, or therapies like massage.

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Hope to see you all,