Muscle Gain & Bodybuilding


Gaining healthy muscle mass by building up your body through non-chemical means is the key to long-lasting and beneficial results. Even if you are a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist, you can build sustainable muscle mass. I believe that a combination of plant proteins in combination with a healthy diet is the way forward. It is an investment: simply said, anything you put into your body will result in how you feel.
If you base your success on unnatural or animal-based supplements, like many people who try bodybuilding do, your body will be constantly in an acidic state, which can result in bringing more pain than pleasure in the long term.

For example, after cooking a beef steak you will end up with approximately 20 grams of protein, not mentioning that it will take much longer to be digested and will also take a larger amount of energy than a plant protein which can give you 50-85 grams of bio-absorbable protein. And it will take much less energy for digestion and less time to be digested. A greater result in a shorter time.

Training Methods

My training methods are designed for men and women to achieve their desired body shape through a personal combination of nutrition, training and coaching.

We can work together on the phone or by Skype. If you’re in north London, see my Kilburn page, or around SW1, the Westminster page.

Omnutritionist will support you every step of the way towards your dream body shape.

What other clients interested in strength and muscle have said:

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“Just give it a go – you won’t look back”

I am a 22 year old young professional living in Kilburn, I have had previous experience with PT's and have been with Ondrej for about ...

George Hughes Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“Far more lean and muscular”

I have been a body builder for many years but recently decided to change over to become a pescatarian and decided to work with Ondrej. The knowledge and advice he has provided me is quite exceptional. After 4 weeks I have lost no weight on the scales but i am actually far more lean and muscular which basically means ...

Lee Price Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“I’ve lost a stone in weight”

In 6 weeks, I have lost a stone in weight, can lift my own body weight (previously unthinkable!) and can run 10 kms. Ondrej's combination of nutrition (I now have a fresh fruit superfood smoothie every morning) with a varied exercise programme makes you feel great and gets results fast. Forget the gym, this really works. ...

Rob Waddington 42 years old, NW6 Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“Real progress towards my fitness goals”

Ondrej's attention to detail and commitment to my success gave me the confidence to make real progress towards my strength and fitness goals. I look ...

Paul Parington Senior Information Developer, IBM UK Ltd, London WC1 Personal Training June 6, 2016

“An inspirational, motivational and upbeat personal trainer”

Despite how I feel when I wake up in the mornings and get ready for my walk to the gym, I always come away from ...

Mike Page 49 years old, HR Consultant, Westminster, London Personal Training May 28, 2016