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Eating a balanced diet of healthy, natural foods is essential to your health, strength and vitality. Plant based foods are a fantastic source of natural, low fat nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins that support your health and well being.

  • Boost your energy
  • Control your weight
  • Heal your body
  • Strengthen your immune system

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“Great for vegans looking for personal training”

Excellent, friendly service and great motivation :) A clean and welcoming environment with good training facilities, and I really enjoy using Ondrej’s Omni Superfood after my workout. Great for vegans looking for personal training solutions in London.

Palvinder Mann

“Truly inspiring”

Ondrej’s approach to nutrition and wellbeing is truly inspiring.

Justyna Niewiara

“A great coach”

Amazing and educated personal trainer who has a big knowledge of training itself and nutrition! Very professional attitude and great coach, well recommended.

Paul Vendrinsky

“A highly motivating and patient trainer”

Ondrej is a highly motivating and patient trainer, very encouraging and knowledgeable around health and nutrition. I would not have achieved my fitness and nutrition goals without him!

Edmee Laryea

“Life-changing experience”

This has been a life changing experience for me. The nutritional side has banished headaches and made me feel much more energetic and the exercise has been fun and rewarding. I really didn’t expect to enjoy it quite so much! Thank you Ondrej!

Chris Kneale

“Far more lean and muscular”

I have been a body builder for many years but recently decided to change over to become a pescatarian and given the fact i knew very little about how to do this right i decided to work with Ondrej.

I have to say the knowledge and advice he has provided me is quite exceptional Ondrej really is a guru when it comes to this and the diet plan he provided me has not only ensured i am far more healthier but the results have been excellent. after 4 weeks I have lost no weight on the scales but I am actually far more lean and muscular which basically means i have gained muscle.

I would highly recommend Ondrej in all aspects of becoming a pescatarian or learning how to still build muscle without countless amounts of meat.

Lee Price

“Really knows his stuff”

Ondrej is wonderful. I started training with him last year and haven’t looked back since. He developed me fully vegan meal plan which didn’t consist only of salad and falafels! Varied food with loads of tips how to make the most out of my vegan diet while building muscles. He is friendly, very knowledgable and really knows his stuff.

Hedi Hearts

“If you want to make a change to your mind and body this is your man”

I have nothing but good things to say about Ondrej’s nutrition and personal training systems, I started with him on my nutrition as like most people I was over weight, he guided me gently to a new holistic way of eating after which I did his 12 week personal training course, all I can say is that the progress was and still is fantastic. If you want to make a change to your mind and body this is your man.


“My hay fever allergy was significantly reduced”

During the 12 week nutrition programme I noticed that my hay fever allergy was quite significantly reduced, meaning most of the time I was able to survive a day in the park without my hay fever medication, looking forward to seeing the results next summer! also lost around 1 stone and noticed stamina improvements. I recommend OMnutritionist, to my friends and you.


“He makes the whole thing fun!”

What I like about Ondrej is that he doesn’t take life too seriously and makes the whole thing fun..!!! At my age there are things I simply will not do and Ondrej’s special mix makes life practical – simple. His knowledge on resistance training and nutrition is wide and flexible which brings longevity to the whole thing for me. The other thing that I find great is that I can just chat to him about almost anything, his experience is quite varied, interesting. Ondrej has become a friend I can really communicate with.

Paul M. Vratusha

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Peter made the change to a healthy lifestyle and lost weight with a plant based diet.

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Kate now knows exactly what to eat to support her training goals and to stay healthy

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