Lifestyle & Personal Growth

Lifestyle coaching and personal growth

Our lifestyle consists of a few groups, and once all these groups are in an optimal balance we can talk about a successful lifestyle. I would like to mention three main areas which themselves contain other categories.we

  • Body – nutrition, exercise, and overall health
  • Mental state – stress management, vulnerability to outer conditions such as weather,  clarity of our decisions
  • Spiritual state – how much are we in touch with ourselves, if we know who we are and what really makes us happy and fulfilled

OmNutritionist can help you to find the answers you are after and to optimise your lifestyle into absolute harmony with yourself and your environment.

If you are in north London, contact me about working with me to change your lifestyle at my locations in Kilburn or Westminster, or if you are anywhere else, online via Skype.

Personal growth and goal setting

All of us need a good coach – someone who understands us, someone who knows how to push us, and who can help us to set goals and follow strategies to achieve them.

OmNutritionist is here to help you get on top of your game, to achieve your goals and ultimate happiness.