Natural Fat Loss & Toning

Nutrition for fat loss and toning

Your body is a very intelligent mechanism, and any harsh or invasive method of fat loss will create stress in it. This can result in short-term success but long-term failure. Such “yoyo” diets are where you get fast results by forbidding yourself from eating certain foods you enjoy without understanding what effect it will have on your body and mind, or without having good enough reasons to make such changes.

I believe that the only way to lose fat and tone up – to get your dream body – is through changing your lifestyle and through understanding the reasons to create changes, how will you benefit from them, and what will happen if you fail.

How OMnutritionist will be helpful?

Through understanding these principles and through developing your personal nutrition plan together, OMnutritionist will help you to get your dream body and your journey will be a pleasant success.

For those who live or work in Kilburn or Westminster, contact me about starting your fat loss journey today. We can also work together online if you are in another location.

Success stories with fat loss:

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“Just give it a go – you won’t look back”

I am a 22 year old young professional living in Kilburn, I have had previous experience with PT's and have been with Ondrej for about 2 months now.

My personal goal was to lose fat/gain muscle, firstly I would recommend personal training to anyone with similar fitness goals, and secondly I would recommend Ondrej as that Personal trainer. Although a personal trainer cant do the diet and exercise for you, you work out in the knowledge that you are on the fastest and frankly healthiest path to your fitness goals. This in itself motivates you to hit it day by day. Furthermore the decision to drop out is no longer decided by your stomach. Having a personal trainer puts someone else there who is pushing you to achieve your goals and the relationship you establish provides you with a sense of motivation, as you do not want to let this person down.

What you want from a personal trainer is someone who Knows their stuff, has the equipment you need and can establish that relationship with you. Ondrej Excels at all 3.

Firstly Ondrej provided me with a wealth of knowledge, (that he has built up in his clearly long experience) not just saying "food group X is good for you" but rather "food group X is good for you because Y and Z" this again keeps you sticking to the diet as its no longer guess work, its fact.

Secondly Ondrej's studio has everything you need (without over complicating it) to get your fitness goals. Furthermore the privacy definately helps with anyone who is a little self concious.

Finally within 2 or 3 sessions you feel like you know ondrej as a person, the sessions (although Hard work (and rightly so)) are made enjoyable by ondrej's approachability and friendly attitude. Its not forceful, its encouraging, ive been to around 14 of his sessions and although ive been on the floor out of breath, ive been there with a smile on my face.

If you are unsure just give it a go. You wont look back.

George Hughes Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“If you want to make a change to your mind and body this is your man”

I have nothing but good things to say about Ondrej's nutrition and personal training systems, I started with him on my nutrition as like most people I was over weight, he guided me gently to a new holistic way of eating after which I did his 12 week personal training course, all I can say is that the progress was and still is fantastic. If you want to make a change to your mind and body this is your man.

Jason Musician, London NW2 Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“My hay fever allergy was significantly reduced”

During the 12 week nutrition programme I noticed that my hay fever allergy was quite significantly reduced, meaning most of the time I was able to survive a day in the park without my hay fever medication, looking forward to seeing the results next summer! also lost around 1 stone and noticed stamina improvements. I recommend OMnutritionist, to my friends and you.

Arunas 25 years old, IT Systems Administrator, South-East London Personal Training June 6, 2016

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“I’ve lost a stone in weight”

I was overweight, drinking too much and general pretty unfit. Within 6 weeks, I have lost a stone in weight, can lift my own body weight (previously unthinkable!) and run 10 kms. Ondrej's combination of nutrition (I now have a fresh fruit superfood smoothie every morning) with a varied exercise programme makes you feel great and gets results fast. Forget the gym, this really works.

Rob Waddington 42 years old, NW6 Personal Training June 6, 2016

“I have never felt better!”

I had a goal to reach in a very short amount of time and I wanted to lose just over a stone, Ondrej made this possible and also easy! His support, advice, hard-work and products helped me achieve this and I am eternally grateful! Not only have I lost weight but he also helped me understand about food and my body and I have never felt better! Thank you!

Harshini Hollands 24 years old, London E3 Personal Training June 6, 2016