Detoxing with a Nutritionist

Detox with a nutritionist in London
Detoxing is a process that one can use to get rid of toxins accumulated through our environment (can be an issue for those of us who live in London!), water and food. The best times for a detox are spring and autumn, but one can undergo detox even in the summer or winter. You can detox on your own or with the help of a nutritionist.

Potential benefits of a detox

  • Weight and fat loss
  • Increase in energy
  • Immune system boost
  • Positive thoughts
  • Better absorption of nutrition in your food
  • Health & Vitality

There are many types of detoxes one can try, but as with everything one has to find their own way to see what is the most effective for them. In the video below I have mentioned my 5 most effective types of detox using different nutritional approaches that you can try with or without the help of a nutritionist, but there are many more.

What are toxins and why we should get rid of them with a detox?

Toxins, as the name suggests, are compounds that are potentially harmful to our bodies, either in small or large amounts. If our body keeps accumulating such compounds we can experience discomfort which can even lead to illnesses. Toxins can accumulate in our organs, connective tissues and joints.

Our overwhelmed immune system is sometimes unable to release all the toxins that occur in our body, and that is how toxins get accumulated. The amount of energy and how well we feel is also connected to how clean our bodies are. One of the more advanced ways to detox is fasting – a process where you choose not to eat at all for a certain amount of time, usually starting with 24 hours and going to up to 28 days.

It is important to know how your body will react to that and to consider that you might not have any energy to do your daily tasks, so taking a day off is highly advised.

When toxins build up in the colon due to the body’s releasing process if one wants to speed up this process it is advisable to try colonic irrigation. This process has been used by Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. If you decide to undergo such a treatment please make sure that you choose a well educated practitioner with experience (there are many clinics to choose from in London).

Detoxing with the help of a nutritionist can be a great thing for your health. – The potential benefits of a detox include: weight and fat loss; increase in energy; immune system boost, positive thoughts; better absorption of nutrition in your food; and a general increase in health & vitality.

If you want the support of a professional nutritionist for your detox, please do contact me to talk about detoxing at my locations in Kilburn, in Westminster, or online via Skype.