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Raw food Nutritionist and Personal Trainer London

Raw Nutritionist and Personal Trainer London


Raw Nutritionist and Personal trainer is here to help

Many people nowadays are turning away from processed foods, recognising the healthful properties of raw food. If you want to go down this route, it’s advisable to work with a raw Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Why? Because even though raw food has a lot of untouched nutrition, you still need a balanced diet – and the conventional nutritional wisdom is not going to help you here – either in how to eat or how to train.

In my early twenties I tried the Raw Food diet, motivated by David Wolfe and other food gurus. It was an amazing experience – I was full of energy all the time, no illnesses, and viruses couldn’t get me. I stayed on pure raw food for 9 months. I could recommend this experience to everyone.

Some of my findings were that having more sunlight helps massively, and knowing about superfoods, super greens and naturally fermented foods is vital. And one has to find the right plant-based protein or combination of proteins to achieve muscle growth from fitness training.

In my personal experience I would also advise doing a different type of training than on a normal diet. Whatever fitness level you are on, postural exercises with cardio are the best way to start. Leaning towards body weight and weight training, I have developed a special nutrition and personal training system that promotes health and accelerates muscle growth using raw foods.

How Will I Help You?

If you work with me, throughout your training you will be advised on how to keep improving your nutrition. We might also discover a few psychological blocks and overcome them through greater awareness.

Sounds interesting? Start your training with raw Nutritionist and Personal trainer today – just contact me about working together at my locations in Kilburn, Westminster, or online from anywhere.