5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For a Personal Trainer

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Have you ever asked yourself why some fitness enthusiasts hire a personal trainer?

There are lots of great benefits of working with a personal trainer, but hiring the wrong one can undermine your efforts and stop you from reaching your goals.

Some of the key benefits of a good personal trainer are.

–          Professional Guidance

Learning how to train correctly is critical to your success. Having someone coach you will help increase your ability quickly and prevent you from suffering serious injury.

–          Personalised workout and diet plans

Everyone is unique physically and has a different level of health and ability. Knowing what approach is best for a specific person takes expertise and experience to find the right balance.

–          Accountability

We’re all well intentioned when we set goals, but having someone hold us accountable can help keep us on track.

–          Motivational Push

Improving your fitness is hard, it’s inevitable we’ll lose motivation at some point. When you’re feeling low having someone who’s in your corner, cheering you on and reminding you you’ve got what it takes can be the extra push needed to help you succeed.

Where can we find that perfect trainer who can actually help us reach our goals?

It’s pretty easy really. You can find a lot of great personal trainers available online, ask a friend for a recommendation or find one at a local gym. You will know when you speak to them if they’re a good match for you and always ask to speak to their current client’s too.

While finding one may not be too hard, it is important to avoid these few mistakes in the process to make sure you’re getting the right help that you need.

Can’t guide you in all areas

Health and fitness covers a huge range of disciplines, there really is too much for any one person to be an expert in. Expecting someone to know everything is unrealistic, but someone who doesn’t care about or isn’t aware of the importance of other areas is best avoided.

Find a trainer who can guide you professionally in everything you need in terms of diet, fitness and strength. A good trainer will know the importance of nutrition and if they aren’t able to advise you themselves they should at least be partnering with a trained nutritionist who they can refer you too.

Doesn’t Set Goals

Without a specific target you’re shooting blindly in the dark. You may have plenty of self-awareness and know that you need to trim some fat off to stay at a healthy BMI, but unless you have a measurable target and track it you won’t be able to see if you are making any progress.

Adding specificity to your goal will help you better work towards it. A trainer who is not actively tracking a metric related to your goal won’t be able to measure the effectiveness of the training program you’re on or make adjustments to optimise it and won’t be able to help you achieve your goal.

Goal setting and tracking is also a big part of motivation seeing how many pounds you have lost or how much muscle growth you have added is a hugely rewarding part of training that can help keep you striving forwards.

Doesn’t ask you about injuries & medical history

We all get injuries from time to time, particularly as we get older and generally it shouldn’t stop us from training. Training can even help us recover from injury and prevent them from happening again in the future.

A new trainer should always ask about your current health condition and any existing injuries or conditions before starting training. Not doing so is an indication they’re not giving enough consideration to your physical wellbeing. It shows a lack of care and attention. Perhaps they’ll use bad, outdated training techniques or approaches that can sometimes do more harm than good and maybe even leave you with lasting injuries.

A truly experienced and expert personal trainer will always have your health and wellbeing as their main priority. If you tell them your problems they will be able to find an approach to help accommodate your injury and potentially even help you rehabilitate it.

Is more interested in themselves than you

A terrible choice for a personal trainer would be a person who is more interested in chatting up a cute girl or guy than spotting you as you lift. That’s a little extreme but it has happened before. More common is to see trainers chatting with friends in the gym, answering calls, or just texting away while you’re mid set.

You’ve paid for the session, and probably a decent amount of money, the least you should accept is 100% focus on you and your training for every second of the session. Frankly they should be focusing on you while you’re not even there, planning your session and setting up so that everything is ready to go and you get every second for training.

Is not great fun to work with?

If you’re not pumped, excited, feeling great about yourself and raring to go after your first meeting with a PT then they’re doing it wrong. Some personal trainers I’ve come across have a stone cold face and the attitude to match. This is not Navy Seal HELL WEEK! You should not be dreading to turn up to training afraid of the punishment in store for you.

That’s not to say it shouldn’t be tough work and challenging, but an online personal trainer should be great fun to be around and workout with. You should want to spend time with them and be looking forward to the next time you see them.

Being healthy and fit is about bringing joy, vitality and youthful exuberance into our lives. A great personal trainer will be passionate and enthusiastic about what they are doing and won’t be able to wait to help you reach your goals. At the end of a session you should feel physically tired but full of great energy and with a massive smile on your face.

Got any tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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