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Are you looking for Online Personal training, Nutrition, Yoga, Healing, Step dance classes? Our highly skilled team of experts is here to help you to achieve your goals. If you are looking for online, 1-1, or group classes we are here to support you. We offer personalised nutrition programmes, and whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore we can help. Our fitness tuition covers weight loss, muscle mass gain, injury recovery, running coaching, posture alignment, yoga, life coaching (including goal setting), mindfulness, and meditation. Sessions can be booked via CONTACT FORM or please call 07818555737. Pick a coach time and day(s) that suits you and we will be happy to help. We are using Zoom for group classes which you can share with your friends and loved ones up to 10 people per group. 1-1 one sessions are running on Skype, face time or any video calls.

Pricing for group classes £10 pp (1 hour)

1-1 tuition (PT, Nutrition, Yoga etc) £35 (1hour) 

Due to these extreme times we will be open to price negotiation for group and other classes. 

                               Online Nutritionist and Personal Trainer              Online personal trainer London 

Ondrej (Head Coach)

I became a vegetarian when I was 15 years old. Later I transitioned to veganism and have been on a raw food diet for 9 months. I have always loved training and educating myself about latest advances in fitness, nutrition, mindset conditioning, and holistic well being. I gained my personal training qualification to share my knowledge and to help others. I have also trained in various martial arts and gained a 2nd Dan black belt in Aikido, and I am currently teaching Self-Defence to individuals, schools, and corporate companies.
I grew aware that to create healthy lifestyle one needs more than just a diet and fitness plan. There are simply too many variables in our lives, including our emotional balance, and personal circumstances that are always changing which leave us feeling uncertain and can influence our well being. In my opinion, we have to cover 3 main areas of to achieve well being: nutrition, fitness and mindset. My aim is for you to learn methods that are applicable to your daily life which also fosters and encourages independence, but of course if you enjoy working and training with us we will  always be here for you.
– BSYA Nutrition Diploma 
– Level 2 Fitness Instructor
– Level 3 Personal Trainer 
– AHCP Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners
– 2nd Dan Black Belt Aikido and Self-Defence Instructor
– Life Coach
– Meditation and Mindfulness Coach
– Vegan & Vegetarian Body Building                                                                                                                                                                               
                                     Online Yoga Instructor                            Online yoga training

Viera (Yoga Instructor)

Develop your strength, flexibility, breathing, and energy with Body and Brain Yoga, which brings the Korean heritage of holistic mind body practice.
Dynamic online or 1-1  also park classes offer a combination of meridian stretching, tapping, vibration, and deep meditation for a truly unique and mindful experience of exercise.  
Expect to feel more connected with yourself, grounded, and relaxed, as well as refreshed and recharged.
Also offering Hatha yoga classes which allow u to bring your awareness inward , tune in with your body &breath&mind using asanas(posture practice) , pranayama ( breathing exercises) , mudra&mantra (chanting & hand gesture). That include emotional physical and cognitive exercise to maximize our brain potential

-Certificate : 200YTT Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda

-Rainbow kids yoga – 28 hours yoga for kids and family teacher  training 

-Certificate of Brain Education Instructor ( Children programme ) – training programme

-BMT certificate ( April 2015) 

                                  Online Trx instructor                                        online body pump instructor


Paul (group class expert)

I love the feeling of achieving something together. Doing physical exercise is not everyone’s cup of tea, but doing it together in a group (whether online or in person) creates a whole new level of energy and atmosphere.
That is why I am obsessed with group fitness. Everything seems so much more fun when you are in it with a bunch of other people. Music and sport was always my passion, I found the perfect combination of it 7 years ago when I first went to the gym. That was the moment I fell in love with group fitness, especially the aerodance and step classes. With a charming and engagingly clear way of teaching classes, I am able to help everyone who is willing to work on their endurance
-Step dance instructor 2014

-Trx instructor 2015

-Bodypump instructor 2015

Paulie (Fitnes, Weight loss and Bodybuilding Instructor)

I have been into Fitness since age of 17, and my passion for Fitness & Health is growing rapidly every year. I enjoy the sense of achievement that reaching goals gives people.

My passion for Fitness & Health is my lifestyle, and that will never change.

Experience & Qualifications,

– Level 2 Fitness Instructor

– Level 3 Personal Trainer 

– Weight loss expert

– Kettlebell Training 

– Core Specialist Training 

– Strength & Body Building Training

Why hire online coach, online personal trainer, online yoga instructor or online group class instructor? Times are changing and we have less and less time and more and more demand on us. Online coaching is a convenient way to get your physical, spiritual and mental needs covered without having to leave your house. Sign up today and explore all our coaches and their services under one roof.


                    Online healer                                Online reiki master


Carly  (Certified Reiki Master Sound Healing Ambassador, Highly Trained Mystic)

With speciality of understandings the intricate language of entities, past lives &  angelic channeller.
I am a psychic spiritual healer. I tune into all aspects of my clients, body mind and spirit, going into the deepest core of the issue. This is done with the help of the spiritual realm, your guides and angels will assist me in clearing anything that is holding you
back, giving you gentle guidance to navigate you on your path.
During a healing session I use many methods of healing including Reiki, spiritual and angelic healing.

I psychically tune in and read the energy of you and those in your life sending healing to the energies brought into a session.
This can include clearing past lives, cutting cords and releasing any lower energies that have become attached. All of this is done with deepest compassion. Connecting people to their guides and angels is very important to me. I want people to understand that they are never alone, there is a host of helpers in spirit waiting to be invited in to help and steer you in the best direction in your life for the evolution of your soul. 
I trained myself in everything & im a pioneer in my field with shamanic entity removal, pastlife clearing and talking to the energetic body.I’ve studied all things esoteric for 20 years to come to this place, with heaven my guides and angels as my teachers. Recently I’ve created my own teachings with the language I’ve carefully refined, passing on my knowledge in a way that feels authentic to my understanding of energy. Always coming from a place of love, using my compassionate heart as my guide. As I feel we ultimately are all one, this is what I try to convert in all of the healings and teachings I deliver
-Cord Cutting
-Shamanic Entity Clearing
-Inner Child 
-Past Life
-Property Cleansing 
-Remote Healing
-Arch Angel Harmony
-Atlantis Past Life 
-Sound Therapy