Holistic personal training

Holistic personal training in London to balance all aspects of health and fitness

Why do you need a holistic personal trainer? Because looking at aspects of health and fitness in isolation often doesn’t work. In my opinion, the only way forward is a change of lifestyle – to a holistic health and training plan.

If you live in London, you can take advantage of the services of a holistic personal trainer who has seen the reasons that people succeed or fail over many years.

For example, dieting without proper knowledge, without having sound reasons and convictions behind your actions will not get you anywhere.

And sometimes even if you have the right nutrition plan and are exercising, you might still not get the results you are after. Why, you ask? It’s because you haven’t covered one or more segments that make up your wellbeing.

Many people self-sabotage very effectively. That cookie when no one’s looking, or a whole bottle of wine after a hard day. London is a stressful environment, and no-one’s saying that you can never have a biscuit or a drink, but you should be really aware of your actions, and then you’ll be sure that overall you’re moving in the direction you want to go.

Many people don’t understand how important it is to develop the right reasons behind our actions – and to reinforce them and make them ever stronger. We need to work on the other parts of the holistic picture at the sane time to make sure that we support ourselves and don’t sabotage our plans. Going forward in an intelligent way, we will surely succeed.

Elements to a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many elements to a holistically healthy lifestyle, and some are more important or out of balance for different people. In general, you can say that dealing with stress, good sleep hygiene, clear goal-setting, good nutrition, honest self-feedback, and the appropriate kind and intensity of exercise, including our regular movement “diet” not just gym sessions, are essential to have in balance.


Once I realised that wellbeing is made up of all these segments, I studied each one of them to be able to help my clients in the best way I can and to support them in achieving their goals. To me, holistic means that one should be able to support and help people to develop a lifestyle that everybody wants and can be proud of.

If this sounds like something you want, we can work together online, in Westminster, or Kilburn – please contact me.

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Elisa Nardin Personal Training July 14, 2019

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