How is an Online Personal Trainer Better than Training Applications?

Online personal trainer

They’re not.

The End.

Great that wraps that up nice and quick, time for some herbal tea.

Ok, you got me, I’m just joking around but really one is not better than the other. They are different tools for different situations.  Your personal goals and circumstances will determine what is best for you, usually most people will benefit from using both at some point in time. Let’s take a quick look at some of the less obvious advantages of each and when one or the other might be best suited.


Information is one of the key resources you’ll be looking for to help you with your training. There are some great fitness courses and apps available, providing excellent information on a wide range of topics like fat loss, muscle growth and yoga. If you know what you want to do then it’s easy to find apps to read, use and watch videos on and educate yourself about that topic.

Where it gets tricky for lots of people is having too much available information. The body is a truly amazing machine and there are amazing amounts of complex information about it to match. While absolutely fascinating, at times it can take a long time to research, be difficult to understand and can be overwhelming. An experienced online personal trainer will have a deeper understanding of relevant information and the knowledge to guide you on the right nutrition approach or exercise plan for you.

Automation & Personalisation

Better technology has meant the increasing personalisation of training apps particularly with some of the wearable technology that can track your behaviour in real time. This is great for something like running or cardio where you can keep your pulse rate in the optimum range during your workout and the app will adjust your training plan intensity accordingly. Another great benefit is being able to get automated reminders at times you’ve set to keep your training on track.

As individuals though, there remains much more variance in our health and training needs than can be programmed into a piece of software. A personal trainer is able to offer a fully personalised solution based on your specific individual needs regardless how complex the requirements. This can be crucial in helping you overcome training plateaus and advancing to the next level in your fitness. It can also help with meeting special dietary requirements like vegetarian or vegan diets.

Another important aspect is being able to overcome short term obstacles such as helping you to train through an injury which can often result in people falling off their training program and losing all their previous progress.

Emotional Support

There is nothing like having someone in your corner cheering you on to win. Surprisingly apps on our mobile phones do this quite well too. I won’t bore us both with the research but there are plenty that show using an app can have positive effects in helping us manage our fitness, stay motivated and stick to goals that we’ve set. I think the keyword in that sentence though is “using” it. I can’t be the only one with a bunch of downloaded fitness apps that I never use though can I? Certainly you should at least give it a try and hopefully you’ll stick with at least one of them.

There is no better motivation however than a real social commitment. Something about having someone holding us accountable to our own promises is really effective. More than that though, having an online personal trainer on your team is great as they’ll help motivate you when you’re feeling low. They’ll get you pumped up, feeling invigorated, give you that extra push and really help you reach the next level of intensity during the training session.

Communication & Connection

As with most things in life communication is key. The internet has enabled us to communicate with everyone in the world at the touch of a button, or a perfectly lit and angled selfie. A picture speaks a thousand words, especially in cute yoga pants. Many apps now give us the opportunity to communicate with other people in the community. This can be a great way of getting some advice, asking a question we haven’t been able to answer ourselves or even helping out someone else with their question and passing on our own knowledge.

As well as getting involved in some of the great online fitness communities out there, having direct communication with a professional online personal trainer is very beneficial. Through speaking with us and asking us questions they’ll be able to give us feedback and advice on things they have an insight to or that might be out of our focus. Having real time interaction means they can spot areas of weakness we might have and correct them on the spot during our training session. They’ll also be able to answer any questions and you’ll know with the certainty that the answer you’re getting is accurate and professional.

What do you like about using training apps or an online personal trainer?

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