Superfood nutrition

I found that certain rare and special foods, such as maca root from South America, were a big help to me in my training. I went through a long process of experimentation until I found the Minimum Effective Dose of just those superfoods that made a difference for me and for my clients.

Then I created two different blends – one for men and one for women. The main difference is that the Male Blend includes black maca, and the Female Blend red maca.

You can supercharge your training with my range of superfood supplements. – Organically grown maca root, hemp protein and raw cacao combine with rare ingredients for a massive synergistic health boost

These superfood blends have very powerful synergistic effects on health, mood, energy levels, and training recovery. I use them as part of the training programme for my clients to get an extra edge. They’re now also available for you to buy, at my online store