Beginner ab wheel

Beginner ab wheel routine

The Ab Wheel is a great tool for getting your core muscles into shape – if you use it properly. In this video I show you a workout that can be used by beginners – but advanced fitness buffs can also incorporate it into their workouts. In this Video: Ondrej Matej, an online personal trainer teaching the basic techniques on …

Ab Wheel - Omnutritionist

3-min Ab Wheel Routine

In this, my most popular video so far, I show a quick – but very effective – way to use an Ab Wheel. These devices have become quite widespread and, used properly, can be really helpful to target your core muscles. Enjoy! In this Video: Ondrej, an online personal trainer in UK, is explaining the right way to do the …

Intermediate AB'Wheel

Intermediate ab wheel routine

The ab wheel is a fantastic way to work your abdominal muscles. If you’ve tried my beginners’ workout with the ab wheel, you can see if you like this more challenging version. Omnutritionist If you want to get challenging workouts made for you, you can work with me in Kilburn or Westminster. Or click here to watch more videos.