“My skin has been incredible”

Ondrej Matej

“My skin has been incredible”

For five years I had severe acne around my hair line, chin and temples. Nothing cleared it and for a long time I believed that I had an allergy to a certain ingredient in my beauty products. My acne was a great source of embarrassment.

I decided to sign up to OMnutritionists 12 week programme as I was very reluctant to take the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed as a last resort. Three days into the programme, no new acne developed, and now 2 months in, my skin has been incredible. Not only has my complexion cleared but the overall quality and colour of my complexion has made people remark on it. I’m very, very happy with the results and I can’t believe that the programme works by adding food to my diet, meaning I can still eat what I have always eaten.

OMnutritionist helped me to understand that my acne was down to missing essential minerals in my diet that affected the hormones in my monthly cycle. My acne has cleared and so too has my PMS! I am eternally grateful to OMnutritionist as it has solved an issue that I deemed unsolvable, and also given me the confidence and energy that I have always wanted.


Asya 26 years old, Musician, North London Personal Training June 4, 2016