“An inspirational, motivational and upbeat personal trainer”

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“An inspirational, motivational and upbeat personal trainer”

Despite how I feel when I wake up in the mornings and get ready for my walk to the gym, I always come away from my session with Ondrej feeling good and like my body has had a thorough workout. It sets me up for the day!

I saw significant improvements in my muscular strength in the space of a few short weeks! I never thought I would be able to see the changes I did in such a short space of time but with the documentation Ondrej provided about our sessions, it was there in black and white. That was very motivational and kept me going beyond what I believed were my personal training limitations.

When I first started to see Ondrej, I had been struggling with a shoulder problem and the medical opinion was looking towards surgery. The strengthening work we did together (complimented with other holistic treatments) meant that I noticed a vast improvement in my shoulder quite quickly. Surgery is no longer considered a requirement and Ondrej continues to ensure my body generally – and shoulder in particular – is kept strong to prevent anything from happening again.

Ondrej is an inspirational, motivational and upbeat personal trainer always adapting and changing what we do to keep it interesting. His patience, skill and understanding of different training techniques, nutrition and even ‘exercising’ the mind, has helped set me on the road to a healthier and happier way of life. His enthusiasm to overall body wellness is infectious.

To sum up, I would strongly recommend his services to anyone looking to change their lifestyle completely, address an underlying medical condition or just requiring that bit of added motivation to reach a fitness or health goal.

Mike Page 49 years old, HR Consultant, Westminster, London Personal Training May 28, 2016