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Head Coach & Nutritionist

Ondrej is a holistic personal trainer, qualified nutritionist, and life coach specializing in vegan nutrition and fitness plans.

For over 10 years he’s helped athletes, politicians, actors, actresses, CEOs, singers, TV presenters and hundreds of people just like you to achieve their goals and live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Working on all areas of their fitness, nutrition, and mindset towards their total well being.

I became a vegetarian when I was 15 years old. Later I transitioned to veganism and have been on a raw food diet for 9 months. I have always loved training and educating myself about the latest advances in fitness, nutrition, mindset conditioning, and holistic well being. I gained my personal training qualification to share my knowledge and to help others. I have also trained in various martial arts and gained a 2nd Dan black belt in Aikido, and I am currently teaching Self-Defence to individuals, schools, and corporate companies.

I grew aware that to create a healthy lifestyle one needs more than just a diet and fitness plan. There are simply too many variables in our lives, including our emotional balance, and personal circumstances that are always changing which leave us feeling uncertain and can influence our well-being. In my opinion, we have to cover 3 main areas to achieve well being: nutrition, fitness, and mindset. My aim is for you to learn methods that are applicable to your daily life which also fosters and encourages independence, but of course, if you enjoy working and training with us we will always be here for you.


Personal Training, Vegan & Vegetarian Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition , Meditation & Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Self Defense, Aikido


Kilburn & Hampstead, Online


BSYA Nutrition Diploma, Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, AHCP Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners, 2nd Dan Black Belt Aikido and Self-Defence Instructor

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I never get bored and I enjoy chatting with him while working out

I’ve been training with Ondrej for more than a month now and I have noticed that my approach to exercising has changed: each time I can’t wait for the next session. Training with him is always different, I never get bored and I enjoy chatting with him while working out. He is good at choosing the types of exercises you need and he’s very motivating. I also had some very good nutritional advice to get closer to my goals. I always finish every class feeling tired but uplifted and I couldn’t recommend him more.

Elisa Nardin

Fantastic trainer and nutritionist

Ondrej is a fantastic trainer and nutritionist, taking a completely holistic approach, which he tailors flexibly to suit your individual needs. He is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient. I have already lost over a stone and am looking forward to continuing working with Ondrej to achieve my goal weight, as well as enjoying a new found positive attitude to exercise. Thank you!

Jo Larcombe

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Ondrej’s Locations

Kilburn & Hampstead Gym

Private North London Studio Gym

You can train with Ondrej at his private studio in Kilburn, north London. It’s fully equipped to fulfil all your goals. You will not be disturbed by other people like in conventional gyms. There’s no waiting for equipment, and you can even choose the music.

  • Private Studio Gym
  • Fully Equiped
  • Comfortable Training Environment

Online Training

Workout anywhere in the world

Train with Ondrej from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. A simple video call will bring relaxation and vitality into your life.

  • 1 : 1 video call sessions
  • The attention you deserve

Outdoor Training

Sunshine & Fresh Air Included

Outdoor training is a fantastic way to get fitter. The environment and fresh air really boost your energy, training is more exciting and leaves you feeling recharged and reinvigorated. If you live in the Kilburn area you can train with Ondrej in outdoor spaces and local parks.(Additional fees may apply)

  • Fresh outdoor air and natural light
  • Reduces Stress
  • Exciting & Challenging Fun Workouts

Get fit with Your Friends

Exercising with other people will helps you stay motivated, challenges you more and it’s awesome fun too. Making it fun will help you to make it a lasting lifestyle change.


Focus on your and get the extra support you need to really take your performance to the next level.

Buddy Sessions

Training with a friend helps keep you motivated and challenges you to push that bit extra.

Group Sessions

Train with 3 or more of your friends. It’s practically a party and you can split the cost between you. Sports drinks only.


your training program

Choose from our great boost packages. Add them to your training plan to get even better results. Boosts will help to improve all areas of your health and fitness for your mind, body and spirit.

Nutrition Boost

Our expert nutrition guidance will show you how to give your body and mind the fuel you need to live a healthy and vital life.

Meditation Boost

We’ll help you discover your inner peace, eliminate stress and better cope with your day to day challenges helping you build all round mental well being.

Life Coaching Boost

We’ll help you discover your inner peace, eliminate stress and better cope with your day to day challenges helping you build all round mental well being.

Yoga Boost

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve your strength, balance and flexibility adding yoga to your training will also help you relax, and sleep better improving your overall health.

Self Defence Boost

Learning self defence will keep you safer as well as building your self confidence and your ability to take on challenges both physical and mental.

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