Peter Brown Case Study

Peter Brown



I always wanted to lose weight but never thought that there was more to it than just not eating sweets or getting out of my sofa to go for a run. Ondrej explained that the only way to achieve long lasting results is to change my lifestyle. I am happy to say that after 3 months I have lost a substantial amount of weight and am still slimming down while getting stronger and more energy. Thanks Ondrej

Peter came to us wanting to lose weight and improve his overall fitness. He didn’t have much experience with managing his diet or exercising. Having had bad habits for much of his life we worked together to set some achievable step by step goals with the aim of making a permanent positive change to his lifestyle that he would be able to transition into comfortably. It’s fantastic to see his success, he put in a great effort keeping to the diet and exercise plan we tailored for him. He truly deserves this fantastic achievement and I’m so pleased we were able to help him and give him the support he needed to improve his health.


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