Vegetarian pre-workout foods

Top 5 vegan and vegetarian pre-workout foods

It’s important to feed your body properly in order to get the most out of your workouts. In this video: Ondrej, an online personal trainer in the UK is telling us about the best 5 vegetarian or vegan pre-workout foods i.e. superfood smoothie, avocado, cucumbers, coconut, green juice, etc.  He has also explained why these foods are considered to be …

Vegan Fat Skinny

Why are most vegans too fat or too skinny?

The idea of veganism is stunning from an ethical point of view. But becoming vegan demands a lot more nutritional knowledge. If you automatically think that food is healthy just because it’s vegan, you will find it hard to reach your ideal weight. If you want help with improving your vegan diet, you can work with me in Kilburn or …

Vegan Protein

Top 5 vegan proteins for fitness

If you’re vegan, you do need to understand the best places to get your protein. But all protein sources are not equal. Here are my favourite 5 vegan protein sources. If you want to build health and muscle on a vegan diet, you can work with me in Kilburn or Westminster. Or click here to watch more videos.

Secrets of weight loss

Here’s a topic I get asked about all the time – how to safely and enjoyably lose weight. No-one wants to do crash diets that don’t last, and have negative effects on your health. So check out the new video and let me know what you think. If you want to lose weight effectively, you can work with me in …

Sugar - Omnutritionist

How much sugar do you really eat?

Sugar is turning into a real dietary bogeyman. And for good reason. But probably you eat more than you think you do. In this video, I explain some ways that sugar can be hidden in your diet. If you want to reform your diet for optimum nutrition, you can work with me in Kilburn or Westminster. Or click here to …

Lose Weight - Omnutritionist

3 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally & Forever

Many people want to lose weight, but we tend to go about it the wrong way, with crash diets and other methods that are shocking to the body. The only lasting way to lose weight is to to upgrade your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight in a natural way, you can work with me in Kilburn or Westminster. …