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We help health conscious people, improve their lifestyle and take their health and well being to the next level.

The best version of you can be a reality.

Every effort gets you a step closer to the life you want. Every challenge overcome makes you stronger.

Life can be difficult but it’s also an exciting and wonderful place. Like the view from a mountain top, the climb is hard but the view is breathtaking.

A healthy mind, body, and spirit help us live life with vitality so we can share it with people and experience everything the universe has to teach us.

At OMnutritionist we believe everything is connected. Our focus is your complete well being. We’ll be by your side on your journey up the mountain, helping you with an outstretched hand when you need it.

Journey to a Healthy life

My journey to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life began many years ago. Trying different diets such as raw food, vegan and vegetarian. As well as various strength and training approaches.

I became aware of the gaps in most modern diet plans and fitness programs. I learned that a more holistic approach to diet and exercise is essential to a healthy balanced life.

I wanted to share that with others so I decided to become a nutritionist and personal trainer and started OMnutritionist.

Since then I’ve been privileged to help athletes, politicians, actors, actresses, CEOs, singers, TV presenters and many other people just like you, find easier paths to the top of the mountain. Helping them achieve their full inner and outer potential and live a healthier fulfilling life.

Sharing our Experience

At OMnutritionist we’ve developed a unique and specialized body of knowledge that will help you overcome your fitness and nutrition hurdles.

After sharing this knowledge with many people we’ve seen improvements in their appearance and overall well-being.

You can achieve complete health of mind, body, and spirit.

If you need that extra help to get to the top of the mountain we’d be happy to help.

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I never get bored and I enjoy chatting with him while working out

I’ve been training with Ondrej for more than a month now and I have noticed that my approach to exercising has changed: each time I can’t wait for the next session. Training with him is always different, I never get bored and I enjoy chatting with him while working out. He is good at choosing the types of exercises you need and he’s very motivating. I also had some very good nutritional advice to get closer to my goals. I always finish every class feeling tired but uplifted and I couldn’t recommend him more.

Elisa Nardin

Fantastic trainer and nutritionist

Ondrej is a fantastic trainer and nutritionist, taking a completely holistic approach, which he tailors flexibly to suit your individual needs. He is extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient. I have already lost over a stone and am looking forward to continuing working with Ondrej to achieve my goal weight, as well as enjoying a new found positive attitude to exercise. Thank you!

Jo Larcombe

Really motivational holistic trainer

Really motivational holistic trainer – really helpful with nutrition advice as well as fitness guidance. Has a great personal space to train in. Very friendly and motivational.

Meera Patel

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