“Hi – I’m Ondrej, a qualified Nutritionist (BSYA Nutri. AHCP), Personal Trainer, and Aikido instructor.

You can get lasting results quickly with my unique fitness & body building programmes and nutritional, health, and lifestyle advice.

Train in London locations – Westminster/Victoria & Kilburn/Hampstead.
Skype sessions are also available.”

Omnutritionist - Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


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“Invaluable in motivating me to exercise”

I have been training with Ondrej over the past 18 months. I find his sessions invaluable in motivating me to exercise. Ondrej is exceptionally accommodating and understanding. He has a unique ability to motivate you to push yourself to your edge in your workout, whilst simultaneously remaining kind, encouraging and understanding. This makes the sessions effective but always enjoyable. He ...

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31 years old, Westminster SW1, London


My secret weapon for best results. Your progress will be much faster from combining advanced exercise methods with my own range of superfood blends for health and athletic training.
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Personal training

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    Natural Fat Loss and Toning

    Many common methods of fat loss place extreme stress on the body and are unsustainable. I will tailor a personal diet and exercise plan to help you achieve a healthy weight via a healthy body.

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    Muscle Building & Bodybuilding

    Gaining muscle safely requires a thorough knowledge of body mechanics and nutrition. We’ll also use my proprietary superfood blend to get strong without eating lots of inflammation-causing kinds of protein.

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    Vegan & Vegetarian Personal Training

    I’ve helped many people train and gain weight successfully on a plant-based diet. Learn more about vegan personal training with Ondrej.

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    Aikido & self defence

    A non-aggressive martial art, Aikido is a perfect form of self-defence for women and men, as it uses leverage rather than strength.

Nutrition and superfoods

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    Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition

    I’ve used various diets myself, and helped many people transition to a plant-based diet over the years. Learn more about vegetarian and vegan nutrition.

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    Clear Skin

    Many people don’t realise that what’s inside our bodies expresses itself on the outside. I use specific minerals in food to help with skin problems. Learn more about skin conditions, PMS & allergies.

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    Indigestion and Candida

    Indigestion is usually connected to stress, digestive tract issues, or low stomach acids. Candida, sugar, and acidic conditions go together and can be treated together.

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    Go beyond coffee! Learn how food types and immune health affect your everyday energy and vitality.

Personal training in Westminster

I train in a fully equipped private studio in Westminster, London.
See the map below or click through for directions for personal training in Westminster.

Personal training in Kilburn & Hampstead

If you live in Kilburn, West Hampstead, St. John’s Wood, or Swiss Cottage, you can also train in my North London studio. See the page on personal training Kilburn.

My story


My journey to becoming a nutritionist and personal trainer began many years ago when I realised that a balanced diet is an essential part of spiritual and mental health, and physical fitness. After trying different diets such as raw food, vegan, vegetarian and others I became aware of the nutritional gaps in most modern diet plans, including the lack of some essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and other compounds which are necessary for good health and longevity.

After sharing this knowledge amongst my family and friends I noticed significant improvements in their appearance and overall well-being. This experience motivated me to study and gain a diploma as a nutritional therapist and personal trainer and start my business OMnutritionist. The goal of all my training and advice is to make you understand your body and its needs, to get you back in to balance with yourself.

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